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Professional Business Translation Services

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Unlike many other agencies, HQLS is a translation company that provides you a high-quality financial translation service that can really help your business to grow globally. Furthermore, regardless whether your company is based in the UK, USA, China, or Europe our translations are always on time. Providing a high-quality business translation service is something we take very seriously and we are ready to demonstrate that to you today with a free trial of our services.

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Contracts translation

Once signed, contract documents are legally binding. Therefore, contract translation must be handled professionally to avoid the possibility of legal disputes and future disagreements.

Are you looking for Business translation services? Do you need to have part or all of a contract translated into another language, without altering the legal basis of the original business contract? We can help. With more than 100 translators available to translate your contracts, we are the number one global business translation service.

Terms & Conditions translation

While it is true that many people merely breeze through most terms and conditions online, it is still crucial to have terms & conditions expertly translated.  This often ignored, but crucial, document is a common source of legal proceedings and service violations.

Are you looking for Business translation services? Like all good translation, accuracy is best achieved by the use of a mother tongue linguist who has skills and experience in the relevant industry. That’s why we provide, a native speaking for the language you want your terms and conditions document translated into.

Permits/Licenses translation

Permits and licenses are key legal requisites for the operation of most businesses. So, getting a legitimate and correct permit/license translation is fundamental to the lawful establishment of most businesses.

Are you looking for Business translation services? Need only the best business translation service for your UK, US, or Chinese clients? We work on an extensive range of permit and license documents, accurately translating them into various languages while maintaining context and legal status.

Policies & GDPR translation

Our hugely experienced team of translators will ensure and verify that important information, concepts and details are not lost in translation when a GDPR translation is done from one language to another.

Are you looking for Business translation services? For the average native English speaker, understanding a policy GDPR document written in English can sometimes be challenging, not to mention people who aren’t native English speakers. Our business translation services appeal to a variety of international audiences. Need your policies and GDPR translation done with by the best? Then you should use us.

Service Agreements translation

A vast amount of services require various interpretations and translation based on both service offerings and contractual agreements. Regardless of the type or reason, our professional translation team can seamlessly handle various kinds of Service agreement translations that will meet with the agreement of all parties.

Are you looking for Business translation services? Service agreements can be technical and comprehensive, needing close attention to grasp and understand the nuances and details involved. That’s why you should only use the best business language translation service online to handle all your service agreement documents.

Trademarks & Copyrights translation

Intellectual theft and plagiarism have serious consequences. Ensure you are never on the wrong side of the law by only using a professional Trademark & Copyright translation service like ours.

Are you looking for Business translation services? It’s essential that you have all aspects of your trademark and copyright document looked into by a professional when seeking a translation service. We take time to go through every aspect of your trademark and copyright document to ensure the intricate and complicated parts of your document are translated accurately.

What we translate

AnnuContracts translation: 100%
Terms & Conditions translation: 100%
Permits/Licenses translation: 100%
Policies & GDPR translation: 100%
Service Agreements translation: 100%
Trademarks & Copyrights translation: 100%
Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) translation: 100%
Business plan translation: 100%
Research and Reports: 100%
Bids, Tenders, and Procurement translation: 100%

Bids, Tenders, and Procurement translation

Every business owner wants to win contracts to secure the longevity of their business. Winning these contracts often involves tendering bids and submitting procurement information. Where this information may have to be submitted in a different language, it is crucial that the entire Bid, Tenders and Procurement translation is done in a convincing and correct manner that will not misrepresent the true motives and proposal of your company.

Are you looking for Business translation services? Looking to have your bids tender and procurement documents translated for an audience different from yours? Do you want to convey a particular message in a different language? We will help translate your legal business documents into more than 100 different languages.

Research and Reports

Most people will not partner with or invest in your business without key reports about your business and what it offers them. It is key that the information in these documents is translated clearly and correctly.

Are you looking for Business translation services? Comprehensive business research and reports need a detailed translation service. We will translate your business research and report documents so you can for reach a wider, more diverse, audience. Contact us today for free advice.

Business plan translation

Business plans are the ultimate blueprint for your business. Investors will hold you to your business plan and your employees will be guided by it. It’s vital that your business plan doesn’t become an entirely different document when it’s translated.

Are you looking for Business translation services? Do you need your business plan translated into other languages? We are ranked top of all the companies that provide translation services for businesses. We’ll pay close attention to the details of your business plan and ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) translation

Proper and professional Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) translation is essential as these documents will decide whether investors will trust you with their money. Consequently, it’s vital this document is carefully and properly translated.

Are you looking for Business translation services? Investors are critical to the success of any business. For the sake of your business and prospective investors, it’s important the content of your investors document is properly understood, and this is best done in the investor’s native language. We will translate any investors’ information documents to appeal to prospective investors.

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