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Make Us an Offer

‘MAKE US AN OFFER’ – A game-changer for translation clients.

Traditionally translation has been priced per word. It’s standard industry practice and something we’re all used to in the world of business translation services.

But we know this can make some business translation services, such as daily and weekly reports, appear prohibitively expensive for many clients.

That’s why we have developed a whole new business translation service called Make Us An Offer.

Make Us An Offer does exactly what it says on the tin – you tell us what you need and what you would like to pay. Not per word, but in total. If the timeframe and type of report is suitable and we accept the offer – you could end up paying significantly less per word than you might have thought.

How can we afford to offer this? As a financial business yourself, you will understand the importance of regular and repeat custom. For us, regular daily and weekly reports mean regular income, which means we can more efficiently plan our cashflow, which means we are then able to pass this efficiency on to you, our client, in terms of savings.

Sounds good? Want to find out a bit more? We thought so! But before we get into the detail of how the Make Us An Offer business translation service works let’s look at what types of financial materials might be suitable for this service.

Suitable types of documents and reports:

As previously mentioned, the key criteria for the Make Us An Offer business translation service is the type of content that is published regularly.

In order to qualify for Make Us an Offer, you need to be publishing the relevant reports or documents more than once a month.

Here are a few examples of the types of content we might accept offers for:

Market Reports (Weekly and / or Daily)

Market News (Weekly and / or Daily)

Technical Analysis (Weekly and / or Daily)

Fundamental Analysis (Weekly and / or Daily)

Video Analysis (Weekly and / or Daily)

Trading Signals (Weekly and / or Daily)

Blog posts (Daily)

Newsletter (Daily)

Make Us An Offer – How it works

In a nutshell, Make Us An Offer lets you pay one low price for a whole month’s work.

For example, if you have a weekly report that is currently only going out to your UK subscribers. Your subject matter, let’s say crypto-currencies for instance, is global in scope and you feel sure that readers in Russia that would like your report. You have previously got a price for translating the report into Russian from a financial translation service but didn’t go ahead because of how much it would cost each week. You figured it would take time to build your Russian readership and revenue and the translation costs meant you had to put the project on the backburner.

With the ‘Make Us An Offer’ service all that changes. Because your report is published weekly you can negotiate a good price with HQSL and our team of translators. Suddenly the prospect of growing your audience in Russia becomes much more cost effective and you decide to go for it.

Publishing in Russian turns out to be big business for you. Once your Russian audience is established your revenue from subscribers goes up. You offer your Russian readership additional services and reports, which results in more revenue. That’s the potential power of HQSL’s new Make Us An Offer service.

If affordable regular business and financial translation services sound like a good fit for you or your business then your next steps are easy:

  • Send us a sample report.
  • Tell us how often it’s published (it must be regularly as previously mentioned)
  • Let us know what languages you’d like it translated to.
  • Tell us the turnaround time required
  • And make us an offer for what you want to pay per month.  

We’ll assess the word count of the reports and how often they are published – and let you know if we can accept your offer.

The next steps are to send you a selection of sample reports, agree a regular timeframe and set a start date.

It’s as simple as that.

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