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Business and Interpreting translation services

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If you’ve got an important call to make that needs translation, our business interpreters can help. Their speed and skills mean you can talk to anyone in any language, and our strict privacy and confidentiality standards, including ISO 13611, mean your private conversations will stay private.

HQLS business interpreting services fall into two categories: business and financial interpreting services for sales and conference calls and meetings; and a large scale service for conferences and seminars where our interpreters broadcast live to your attendees.

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Business calls – interpreting services

If you have international clients, offices or affiliates you’ll be glad of our business interpreting services. There are times when you can’t leave important details to chance and hope the other party understands what you’re trying to say. Our business interpreters will help your business calls get results. Our interpreters can dial in by phone or join Skype calls.

Webinars – interpreting services

Our financial interpreting services are perfect when you are doing a training session or presentation as a webinar.  Our interpreting services mean that attendees will not only be able to listen in their own language, they’ll also be able to interact with the presenter and ask questions if they want more information or don’t understand something.

Business meetings – interpreting services

When you’re holding an important business meeting, our business interpreting services can make the difference between success and failure. Our interpreters dial in to the meeting to be there with you. They can translate your words and the meaning behind your words. Having an interpreter in the meeting means you can have a free flowing discussion with all parties, helping you build strong relationships and close deals.

Financial conferences – interpreting services

If you’re holding a financial conference our financial interpreting services can help. They can interpret your guest speakers’ words simultaneously to the attendees. All the attendees need to do is download our app on their smart phone and they’ll be able to listen in their own language. We can translate multiple languages at the same time by using different interpreters.

Financial and Business Seminars – interpreting services

When you put on a financial or business seminar you want everything you to say to be understood. We’re a specialist financial translation service and our interpreters have specialist business and financial training meaning they are able to communicate exactly what you’re trying to say. Our interpreters can also field questions from your audience that they can then relay to you on stage.

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Financial expos – interpreting services

With our financial and business interpreting services you can really get creative when you host Financial Expos. Our interpreters will live-stream translations in the language of your delegates. We’ll set up and provide all the necessary technology, equipment and business interpreters. Our technology has been successfully tested at conferences around the world.

Customer care – interpreting services

If you make or sell products that are used overseas then you will get a lot of questions from your regional offices, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates and customers.  Our business interpreting services can really help your customer care teams deliver a top quality service. Our interpreters can help you cut the time and cost of dealing with international enquiries – some of which could turn into extra sales.

Employees training – interpreting services

If you’re a multinational company or group, then one of the biggest challenges can be sharing your values and information with offices in different regions. With our business interpreting services that’s not a problem. We can also help you train your employees in more specialist subjects too. Our business and financial interpreting services mean that your best trainers can now train everyone – even if they don’t speak their language.

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